Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Classroom Management

Placing responsibility for behavior management upon the students themselves saves a teacher a lot of wasted teaching time. Students enjoy receiving stickers from me, but they do not enjoy having to give any of them back. In my classroom, every student has a set of 10 laminated sticker charts. I laminate sheets of construction paper and use large die-cuts to cut them into specialty shapes like fish, penguins, pumpkins, turkeys, books....etc. The shapes are hole-punched and placed on an O-ring. Students work to fill their first sticker chart with 20 stickers. When they receive 20 stickers, they may visit my prize box. However, in instances where they have made a poor choice and have not responded to one verbal reminder, they understand they must remove one sticker of their choice and place it at the corner of my desk. Having to remove the sticker themselves gives them an opportunity to ponder the choice they made. If the system is used consistently, my time having to discuss behavior items while I am teaching is minimized. I simply explain to the student that during their free time, we will have an appointment to discuss the behavior issue. Once a student receives 20 stickers and visits the prize box, they open the O-ring, remove the filled chart, and bring it home to share their great news with their family. They are then free to choose which chart on the O-ring they'd like to begin anew with. Students do not receive stickers for simply doing the behavior they are already expected to. They receive individual reward stickers for exceptional behavior choices such as a kind act or thoughtful word toward another. They can also receive group reward stickers for working well together as a group through a project time. Students are incredibly motivated to work toward a prize and their next chart and minimally end up having to give me many stickers. This has been an excellent tool for behavior management in the kindergarten classroom.

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