Tuesday, January 24, 2012

100th Day Stamping Dog Dalmation

Some of you were asking about the dog template I used for our 100th day activity. I inherited this drawing when I began teaching in my classroom 8 years ago, so I do not know who to give proper credit to for it. I found some small stamp pads a few years ago and I bag them up and keep them just for this activity each year. They have already lasted well through four years of this activity. I give each child a copy of this dog, a small stamp pad, and an unsharpened pencil with a flat top eraser. They are to stamp 10 dots onto each part of the dog that is labeled with a 10. After each 10 dots are stamped, they stamp the 10's at the bottom so that they can keep track of how many dots they have done. This doesn't end up being a very beautiful project, but they absolutely love having their own stamp pad and stamper and always highly enjoy this activity.

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