Saturday, January 21, 2012

Free Snowman Graphing Sheet

All to Graph a Snowman(5)
 My kindergarten students were introduced to graphing last quarter. As often as we practice graphing, it seems many students do not easily grasp this concept. As a result, this is a concept I re-visit often throughout the year. When we graph in class, we use manipulatives to see how graphing works and what it looks like as it grows. This week, the students enjoyed playing a game to graph. They each had a cardstock graph labeled across the bottom with the numbers 1-6. They worked as a table group to help keep each other on task with the graphing. Each child at the table took turns rolling a die. Whatever number came up on the top, each child would take a teddy bear manipulative and place it on the corresponding graph bar. For instance, when a 2 came up, they would place a teddy bear on the 2 bar. With this graph, I reminded them it was important to start at the bottom and grow the graph up.This game ended when one bar of the graph was completely filled. The students could then clear their board and play the game as time allowed. This game is kept in the afternoon math center area so that students can play it again throughout the quarter.
As my students learn new concepts, I like to incorporate themes we are working with as I make worksheets for them that allow them to practice these concepts. I made the snowman graphing sheet above and copied a set of 6 sheets in color. I then laminated the sheets and we use them in the math center in the afternoon. Students will use whiteboard markers to color in the boxes as they complete the sheet. They will then compare these sheets with others that they are working with to determine if they have completed the sheet correctly. Once they feel they have, they bring the sheet to me and I check it. They can receive a sticker for each math center sheet they complete correctly. Students can then wipe the sheet off and put it away to be re-used another day.
If you download my graph, please leave a note letting me know. Enjoy!  

Angela Watson of is having a linky party that lists the best new freebies of the month. Come on over and see what her friends are offering!

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  1. Super cute! Graphing is fun to teach and the children usually enjoy it. :-)

  2. Christina, great idea! I'm also going to share it with kindergarten teachers at my school. I have some freebies involving conversation hearts on my blog, if you'd like to come over and take a look.

    Have a great day!

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT


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