Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I'm Having a Sale!!!

A great resource site for teachers, http://teacherspayteachers.com is having an amazing Leap Day sale on Wednesday. A lot of educators are offering up to 20% on all of their products. If you use a special promotion code: L2P9Y, you can receive an amazing 28% off of the products you order.

My store will be having a 20% off sale on all products. You may also use the promo code in my store. If you'd like to see what I have on sale, please follow my link below. Here is an example of one item in my store.
Can be printed as a worksheet or used in a math center

A number of other professionals are having huge sales tomorrow as well. A sale like this only comes along once in 4 years, so have fun shopping!

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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Math Journals

I like to show my students that they can have some fun with being creative while doing math by making math journals for them. Below are links to two 10 page journals I recently created.


The format for these is fairly easy for a child to do on their own. I do have a few who can read the prompts on their own. However, I go over the prompts with the class. They then complete a drawing that reflects the prompt. They then fill in a number sentence under their drawing. This year, I have more students who love to work on these in their free time than ever before, so I am constantly having to create new ones. For my more advanced students, I have them go back to label their drawing with phonetic spelling. I also encourage them to write a sentence using one of the words on the back of their page. I completely celebrate phonetic spelling because once a student correctly masters the process of hearing each "sound" in a word, real spelling often falls right into place shortly thereafter.

Once a page is completed, I stamp a small stamp in the upper-right hand corner of the page. That way, I can keep track of who still needs to complete certain pages before collecting the journal to save for parents. I like to save these from the beginning of school to show progress with how students have changed as far as their computation abilities and writing changes. I also notice a huge increase toward the end of the year in students that are more willing to do the challenge activities of labeling and writing sentences on the back of journal pages. (Some students have even begun to do this process on their math homework!)

Sunday, February 19, 2012

B (Blessed) I (In) G (Giving)

Hello friends,
I saw something wonderful today and wanted to pass it along to you. Heather over at http://heathersfirstgradeheart.blogspot.com/ is looking for 50 new followers of her blog. She mentioned that for every new follower she receives, she will donate $1 to the shelter where she adopted her kitty from 8 years ago this month. She is calling it "B.I.G." (Blessed In Giving). Please consider becoming a follower of her blog and being part of giving an animal a second chance at life.
Our family was blessed about 6 years ago by adopting our own pet, Mindy from the Santa Clara Humane Society. It could be argued that we blessed her by adopting her into a warm, happy family home. I know for sure she has blessed us in a zillion ways. She is a small chihuahua mix, so you would think she would be yippy, barking at every stray breeze. She never barks except once if you ring the doorbell. Other than that, she never barks. She is like a live stuffed animal, loving to be at the center of our attention. She knows about 20 different tricks and likes to tag us with her paw when she wants something. We love her tons and tons and she loves us too!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Free Valentine Candy Activity

I searched the internet for something that I could use with my students for a fun math graphing activity. I give them each their own box of conversation heart candy. They are to open the box and sort the candy according to colors. Once they have done that, I wanted them to use a grid to graph their candy according to colors as well. I found a lot of graphs that were sort of what I wanted them to work with, but nothing really met what I was looking for, so I created my own. You can also have them for free. Just click on the link below to download your free copy. If you do, please take just a moment to leave some feedback. Happy Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Valentine Numbers 1-20 Match Up

Currently, my students are working on recognizing and ordering the numbers 1-20. When they finish their seat work, they have been enjoying working with number cards. I have bought a number of seasonal number cards from various teacher stores. I mix them up and they take them to an area on the carpet where they find number 1 and begin to make a number line with cards. In an effort to vary the cards a bit, I created these new ones with pictures they have to count as an added activity. 

Print out the cards and laminate them. Then cut them along the black lines so that the numbers separate from the hearts. Lower elementary students can mix these cards up and place them on the ground face up. They can take turns in small groups choosing a number card and then searching for the correct amount of hearts card. 

Students can also line up the number cards in order. If they have time, they can place the card with the correct amount of hearts above the number card. I do this activity as an assessment to see who knows their numbers in order. It also shows me who is struggling with placing the cards left to right or turning their numbers like 6 and 9 upside down.

Older students can play "Memory" with these cards. The object of the game would be to choose two cards and attempt to match a number card with a card that has that same amount of hearts.

If you would like these cards, click on the link below to print them out. If you do use them, please leave feedback for me. Thanks, and have fun!

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Valentine-Numbers-1-20-Match-Up Pin It

Sunday, February 12, 2012

You Know You're a Teacher When....

A fellow blogger, Jeannie at http://kindergartenlifestyle.blogspot.com/2012/02/you-know-youre-teacher-when_11.html is hosting a funny linky party about teachers. Click on the link above to go read some funny comments called, "You know you are a teacher when..." Below is my comment, one that actually has happened to me.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

George Washington Project

This week my students have been learning a lot about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We are focusing more on George Washington this week and will be focusing more on Abraham Lincoln next week. Over the years, I have found that as I introduce Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in January and follow him up shortly thereafter with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in February, my students would mix concepts about the leaders up during assessments. I have found that as soon as I began introducing hands-on projects that featured a likeness of the leaders, students stopped confusing the leaders during assessments. Here is what we do as we study George Washington.

I have a manila folder cut out of George Washington's profile. I trace it onto black paper and cut out the middle. This leaves a black frame with George Washington's profile missing from the center. 

Next, I give each student a 12 x 18 piece of paper that has slits cut an inch apart across it. To make this sheet, you fold the blue paper in half and cut until you get to about 2 inches from the end of the paper and stop. Then, I place 1/2 inch strips of white and red paper at each table and the students begin to weave them through the slits on the blue paper. I model how to do this first from the board, showing them how to push the papers as far down to the bottom so that the weave forms tightly. I show them that if you use one color and begin at the edge and go over then under, you have to use the other color and begin by going the opposite, under then over. I also show them what it looks like if they do it wrong. I leave an example of one done correctly and one done incorrectly up at the board for them to refer to.

You can see from the picture that some students get the concept of how to keep the weave tight while others don't. Even if a student doesn't, it is easy enough to help them move the weave down to the bottom of the paper. I often have those who finish early go around to help show the others how to push it down and make a tighter finished product. That way, everyone stays on the same task until the next step of the project.

 The students then completely cover the backside of the black cut out with glue and paste it onto their red, white, and blue mat, making sure that no corner or inside piece sticks up. It must be pasted firmly in place.

The project is then trimmed around the black frame by an adult. A child can do it, but often woven pieces come loose a bit and the student pulls on them instead of cutting the hanging off pieces away. You can either leave it like this or glue a backing to the project to keep the woven pieces from coming apart. In past years, we have also laminated them and this will also take care of keeping the project from coming apart.

Students will be adding a writing aspect to this by writing two facts they know about George Washington and placing that under each of their projects.

Using the red, white, and blue pieces is a great way to tie in a discussion and sharing of how the flag of the United States of America has changed over the years. Another benefit of the project is that as students learn to recognize the profile of George Washington, they tend to not forget who is on the face of a quarter when asked.
If you like this project or have any great ideas for changes I can make to it, feel free to let me know.

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Free Penguin Simple Addition

I am new to the process of creating my own worksheets and am enjoying learning how to make things we actually use in our classroom. Right now, a number of my students are really into penguins, so I thought they would like to see this sheet laminated and put in the afternoon center choice time. I do have some small plastic animals that include penguins. I will put these toys in with the center activity to allow the students to use them as counters to "act out" the math problems as they are learning the process of adding. I thought others might enjoy grabbing a simple math page to use in their class as well, so here you go!

Penguin Addition Enjoy your freebie!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Valentine Bar Graph for You!

My students have been working to understand how graphing works. I find that when they work with bar graphs, they do well with the ones that go from left to right, but struggle with the ones that go from bottom to top. I see that students often don't understand how the bottom to top bar graphs work, so I created this fun graph for them to cut and glue in the afternoon math center. If you use it, please leave me some feedback, I'd love to know others are enjoying it too!

Be Mine Valentine Bar Graph

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