Sunday, February 19, 2012

B (Blessed) I (In) G (Giving)

Hello friends,
I saw something wonderful today and wanted to pass it along to you. Heather over at is looking for 50 new followers of her blog. She mentioned that for every new follower she receives, she will donate $1 to the shelter where she adopted her kitty from 8 years ago this month. She is calling it "B.I.G." (Blessed In Giving). Please consider becoming a follower of her blog and being part of giving an animal a second chance at life.
Our family was blessed about 6 years ago by adopting our own pet, Mindy from the Santa Clara Humane Society. It could be argued that we blessed her by adopting her into a warm, happy family home. I know for sure she has blessed us in a zillion ways. She is a small chihuahua mix, so you would think she would be yippy, barking at every stray breeze. She never barks except once if you ring the doorbell. Other than that, she never barks. She is like a live stuffed animal, loving to be at the center of our attention. She knows about 20 different tricks and likes to tag us with her paw when she wants something. We love her tons and tons and she loves us too!


  1. Your Mindy is adorable. All of our dogs have been strays or puppies from a preg. stray....we always say, "Who adopted who?!?!" Thanks for letting us know about Heather.
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  2. I have taken in 3 strays in addition to two dogs we already had!!! Animals make me melt!!


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