Monday, February 13, 2012

Free Valentine Numbers 1-20 Match Up

Currently, my students are working on recognizing and ordering the numbers 1-20. When they finish their seat work, they have been enjoying working with number cards. I have bought a number of seasonal number cards from various teacher stores. I mix them up and they take them to an area on the carpet where they find number 1 and begin to make a number line with cards. In an effort to vary the cards a bit, I created these new ones with pictures they have to count as an added activity. 

Print out the cards and laminate them. Then cut them along the black lines so that the numbers separate from the hearts. Lower elementary students can mix these cards up and place them on the ground face up. They can take turns in small groups choosing a number card and then searching for the correct amount of hearts card. 

Students can also line up the number cards in order. If they have time, they can place the card with the correct amount of hearts above the number card. I do this activity as an assessment to see who knows their numbers in order. It also shows me who is struggling with placing the cards left to right or turning their numbers like 6 and 9 upside down.

Older students can play "Memory" with these cards. The object of the game would be to choose two cards and attempt to match a number card with a card that has that same amount of hearts.

If you would like these cards, click on the link below to print them out. If you do use them, please leave feedback for me. Thanks, and have fun! Pin It

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