Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Creative and Fun Reading Ideas

My students have really taken to the reading process this spring. I am fortunate enough to have parents that come in three times a week to help lead small guided reading groups. After working through a small phonics reader, I like to take sentences from the book and write each word from the sentence on 3x5 cards. I then mix up the cards and have the small groups work together to put the mixed-up sentence back together. It is interesting to see what methods the students go through to put these together. They look for the card with the capital letter and place that at the front. They then look for the card with the punctuation and place that towards the end. Then, through trial and error, they work with the cards in the middle until they come up with a sentence that makes sense when reading it out loud.

I also do this activity with cut-out worksheets like this freebie below. The students cut out the words and sort them into the correct order. They then paste them into the boxes to put the sentences back together.

 I like to follow this up with an activity that allows the student to read the sentence again and then draw a representation. This allows me to see if the student understood the sentence they read. I use the format found on the worksheet below.

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Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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  1. Found you through the manic Monday link up. I like how you check for many littles are focused on reading the words that comprehension gets lost.



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