Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lovely Blog Award and St. Patrick's Day Freebie

I have really enjoyed how many new people I have gotten to know through blogging just since October of last year! This experience has truly been enriching to my career as I am constantly looking at what others are offering in their classes and working to better what I have to offer in my own classroom.
Recently, some nice friends, mrsgreeneskindergartenkorner.blogspot and and and and  
have encouraged me with the  One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you ladies for all the encouraging notes you have posted on my blog recently. I enjoy hearing that others are reading and enjoying what I put out on the edublogosphere!
To encourage others, the rules for accepting this award are:
1) to thank the bestowers
2) follow their blogs
3) pass it on to 15 other lucky recipients and notify them that you like their blog! They would appreciate it.
Here are my choices: If you have a moment, check them out, they have lots of great ideas!!!!

Speaking about meeting lots of great people through blogging, I have been receiving lots of great messages about some of the free spring and St. Patrick's Day items I have included on my posts. It put me in the mood to add another one for everyone tonight.
Click HERE to get a FREE St. Patrick's Day pattern identification worksheet!
I also have a few items in the store that are not free but you may find them helpful.

Click HERE for the Spring Math Center Packet

Click HERE for the March Math Journal. If you download my products, I'd love to hear how you are using them.


  1. Hi Christina - Love your blog -- I just found it. Cute ideas and I can't wait to check it out some more. I teach first grade.
    Traditions Laughter and Happily Ever After

  2. Thank you:) How did you find my blog? I'd love to know. I will come on over to see what you are doing at your blog, I love looking at new ones too:)

  3. Hi! I just found your blog from our facebook group.


  4. Christina you are right, you do meet a lot of terrific people blogging! I just wish we all lived closer together so we could all meet each other don't you?

    Deb at Fabulously First


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