Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Egg Painting Decoration

My students had a wonderful time getting the classroom ready for their Easter party. They painted eggs (not like you think) and designed a bunny for their chair.
 First, they drew some designs on an egg template with crayon. I asked them to go over and over their crayon line designs so that the crayon would be thick enough to resist paint.

The students then painted stripes of watered-down watercolor paint across the egg template in any order they like, as long as they used five different colors. They can end up with even more colors if they paint slightly on top of the previous color.
After the initial water color paint dries, the student then chose either silver or gold water color paint. It allows the color below to stay nearly the same. However, it dries with a silver or gold reflective sheen. The picture does not show the reflection, but this project often gets lots of "ooohs" and "aaaahs" from parents. We used these to decorate the front of the classroom at our party.

I do not have any pictures of the students coloring the bunny template. They all got the same bunny head and got to color them as they chose. However I did request that they color it a real bunny color of some shade. The girls chose a bunny dress with paws and the boys chose bunny overalls with a striped shirt. They were allowed to decorate the clothing and color them as they chose. They then taped the bunny to their chair before the party. 

 We did do an Easter egg hunt. Before the hunt, the students decorated a bag to use for collecting their eggs. They used spring foam stickers and glitter glue. The tables were just covered in colored butcher paper, but the color combo made the room look pretty good. If you had an Easter party, I'd love hear what you did!


  1. Hi Christina,
    I am your newest follower from TBTS! I taught kindergarten for the last 5 years and your pictures make me miss all the cute projects. I'm in first grade now and I try to be as creative as possible but there is nothing like kindergarten.

  2. I love your Easter Egg paintings!
    I'm also a TBTS follower. Would love for you to check out my blog as well.


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