Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Super Fun Writer's Workshop in Kindergarten

The amazing Laura Huff and her Writer's Workshop talents came to our classroom again today! She has invested numerous hours of interesting writing techniques into my students and I can tell you that it is definitely paying off handsomely. I can not wait to put each picture/writing page in a book to give back to the students at the end of the year. It was amazing today to go back and look at how much the students depended on us for helping them and now they mainly just check in with us to make sure they are using the correct letters. They are just beginning to understand how to spell with two letter blends and digraphs, but they are doing terrific!

Once a month, Mrs. Huff and her magical writing talent comes in for a writing activity. Her entry is so happily anticipated that I can not keep students from peeking out of the door close to the time she is to arrive. "She's here, she's here!!!" They run to their seats and fold their hands quickly to show her they are ready to jump into her next fun activity. You have to see it for yourself, but it can almost be likened to something out of Mary Poppins! They are so eager to see what she has to offer. Today, after the activity, one of the students told her that she just LOVES to spell now.

Today, she brought in a template: The eggs are hidden...under a ________, behind a __________, inside a __________, and next to _______________.
It was wonderful fun for the students to choose the spots that they would draw to hide Easter eggs. This activity was perfect for the last quarter of kindergarten. By this time of the year, students have really pared down the size of their writing and learned a lot about how to create a detailed and succinct picture. Not only have they learned how to add detail to their writing, but they have also learned how to add detail to their pictures by adding background details and using more than one or two colors. The final products were beautiful!

The eggs are hidden under the couch, behind the eggs kitten, inside the house, and next to the tree.

The eggs are hidden under the couch, behind the tree, inside the can, and next to the car seat.

The eggs are hidden under the dinosaur, behind a frog, inside a fish tank, and next to the Easter bunny!

The eggs are hidden under the table, behind the T.V., inside the rainbow, and next to the volleyball.

The truly wonderful thing about this project is that you can really read them! The students have grown so much in their phonemic awareness through these monthly fun activities! It is a lot of fun to watch parents crowd around the board to read these after they are hung up. I love to watch their faces as they realize that their children are really learning how to spell!

I am so impressed with how Mrs. Huff has helped my kinders to love and have fun with the writing process. She usually works with older students but has created a whole school year of challenging and fun writing activities for my classroom. If you would like to see more of what she has to offer, please click HERE to visit her wonderful blog. She has posted pictures with all of her projects. Please consider following her blog to see what new, great ideas she has for you to try out!


  1. I see you have been taking notes during class! Your use of adjectives and adverbs to create vividly descriptive paragraphs is outstanding. A+ for this post! ;o)

  2. Haha! Thanks so much for all your wonderful help! They have become very successful little writers!


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