Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Open House with pictures !

Open House at my school is a celebration of what each child has done for the year. It is a time for the students to show off how much they have grown and changed in their abilities throughout the year. We coincide ours with a Spring Concert where each grade sings two cute songs about growing up and changing. At the end of the concert, all the students come back to sing an all-school song for a finale. Our school is big enough that we do two shows, one for students with the last names that start with A-K and the other for those with L-Z. In between the two shows, the students bring their parents to the classrooms to show off their work.

As my students were pilfering through and organizing their work for their parents, I LOVED how much they saw that they changed. They were looking at how they drew, colored and wrote in September and started hemming and hawing about how they had to get out their erasers to fix their work. I told them that if they did, their parents wouldn't be able to see how much they changed. They seemed to get that concept and be OK with it. I could still tell that it annoyed some of the students to have to put out some of what they considered to be "messy" work.

Here are some pictures from our room from our Open House.
The view toward the front of the classroom.

Toward the back of my room with our mobiles.

Toward the other side of the front of my room.
I kept a number of books the students made from each month of the school year to put at their table for the students to share with their parents. This included an amazing month-by-month Writer's Workshop book they created with my good friend, Laura Huff. Other books shown were monthly math journals and two writing journals. One was about friends and the other one was about family. They then brought them around the room to show them the work they had on each wall.
I used my white board to put these up. On one side of the paper, I put up their self-portrait from September. On the other side I put up one they did in May. They were so funny to watch as they analyzed their work from August.

The houses are brown lunch bags stuffed with newspaper. They were studying "form" in art with a focus on geometric shapes.

The students studied community helpers and then chose one they liked. They had a person template that they had to take home to decorate with their parents using materials such as cut out paper and cut out cloth. They added anything they wanted to the picture that had to do with their community helper. In school they wrote about what their community member was, what the person would need to do their job, and what they did for their job.

We displayed our butterflies and ladybugs that we had since they were in the larvae stage in front of drawings that they had made every five days of the changes in each of the insects. They did a great job of labeling their drawings.

Our class puppet, Mr. Harry was showing off the recent butterfly art we had in class. The students drew shapes with sharpie on a foil butterfly and colored them in with sharpies to get the beautiful deep and shiny colors.

Finally, the students hung up the salt dough maps they created of the continental USA that they had created and painted while studying landforms.

Self-portraits from September and May with signatures.
Studying form.

Our Community Helper wall.

We hatched butterflies and ladybugs.
Mr. Harry at our butterfly creation wall.

Salt dough maps of the U.S.A.

Open House was a really fun night. I enjoyed watching the looks on the faces of my students as they proudly showed off what they had worked on this year. Not every piece of every item was finished by every student. Each child works at his or her own pace. I told the students that everything was going home, so they could work on it at home if they wanted to finish it there.

If you do something similar, I would love to hear what you do for Open House!


  1. Everything was perfect and you are amazing. Have I mentioned how sad we are to leave kindergarten??? I wish we could stay forever!! (Well, maybe the teen years would be a little awkward, but up until then!!!) :o)

  2. Your classroom looks great for open house! Thank you for giving me a peek:)


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