Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nine Months Later...

I began writing my blog nine months ago, sharing short, thoughtful activities that I have done with my class. I began writing and participating in the Blogosphere as a a minor "blog stalker", constantly reading blogs others had been writing and gathering great ideas from other teachers to be used along with my ideas in my class. I remember being in awe of how others seemed to effortlessly share their ideas and thinking that I couldn't possibly do the same. I didn't realize how wrong I was!

One of the greatest aspects of getting to know others through blogging has been the amazing interaction between educators. I remember the first time someone responded in writing to something I had shared. I still feel the same surprise even now when others like what I have to share and they take the time to leave a thoughtful comment or ask a question.

The interaction with others through blogging encouraged me to really spend some time thinking about what I might have to offer to other educators. I love teaching and I found that when I shared what I love with others, they loved it too! Through these interactions, my blog has been nominated as one of 2012's Most Fascinating Kinder Blogs.

If you have enjoyed reading my posts I would love for you to take a moment to vote for my blog here! Click on the picture below.  Please scroll down to Sea Bear's Kindergarten vote for my blog.

Thank you!!

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