Monday, June 18, 2012

School is Out, Now What?

This is a picture of what the fifth graders at my school get to do on graduation night! For the first time in years, I was right there with spirit. When school let out this year, I really took a break. I didn't make any plans for next year and I headed to the beach. 

After two weeks of relaxing, I find myself thinking about plans for next year. I thought back to what I really liked and wanted to repeat from this last year and I also thought about what I might like to change for the new year too. 

This last class really enjoyed working with words, so I have a compound word work FREEBIE for you here.
Compound Words

In planning to do something new for the next year, I thought about how nice it is to make writing/drawing portfolios with students to document how their abilities have changed throughout the year. I created a 15 page packet that can be kept all year and worked on once a month. It has pages listed by each month. On each page, there is a writing prompt as well as a place to draw a picture related to the writing prompt. Along with the August, December, and June writing prompts, there is a page for the student to draw a self-portrait and sign their name neatly. These are really amazing to compare at the end of the year. This past year, my students compared work from the beginning of the year to work at the end of the year and commented on how much their writing had changed. In some cases, it had changed so much, the students were wanting to erase their original signatures and put their new ones in place. I told them that if they didn't, their parents might not really see how much they have grown. They agreed and did not erase the work. 

Here is the packet I created for the upcoming school year. If you click on the picture, it will take you to my store where you can have it for 20% off for only $2 now through June 21st. The regular price is $2.50 after that. It also has an option to print without a colored background to save ink.

If you are a planner and would like to stock up on anything for the upcoming school year, visit my 20% off sale now through June 21st!


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  1. That's a cute idea! I know I love to see their faces when they look back and see how they wrote in the beginning-they don't believe it's their own work! It's so fun being able to see that growth.



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