Friday, August 3, 2012

A Year-Long Technology Journal

If you haven't tried to make a presentation using the website PREZI, you should try it. It takes a bit of getting used to at first, but it turns out very nicely and is interesting to watch. It is similar to a Powerpoint, but it moves fluidly from slide to slide. You can even import an already created presentation into PREZI.

I created a presentation for an idea I have called "A Year-long Technology Journal". I am working to incorporate technology into my kindergarten classroom this year. I envision creating a Google Site that has a "page" for each student. If I don't go with the "page" idea, I might make an avatar for each child and place them all on the front page of the Google Site. All the projects that the students create (that are mentioned in my PREZI) will be linked through their avatar. In the instance where a parent does not want their child's work included on the site, I will simply put all of their creations on a CD for the parent to keep.

Click on the picture above to watch my PREZI. Click first on the "home" button on the left side of the slide. Then click on the play button at the bottom to watch the presentation. If you have an idea for something else I can incorporate, please leave feedback to let me know.


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