Monday, September 3, 2012

Grandparent's Day Display (FREE!!)

A few years ago, around Grandparent's Day, my students each created a page in which they drew their favorite thing to do at their grandparent's home. They drew themselves with their grandparent(s) in the picture. My kindergarten students were perplexed to find that many of them had different names for their grandparents and struggled to understand that. It brought up a lot of great conversation as some students found that culturally, they had the same names for grandparents. 

Here is a free display that I have created to put up in my room near Grandparent's Day. It allows for the student to draw a set of Grandparents and write what they call them by name. Each paper can be printed more than once for students who have both sets of grandparents living. I have created other sheets for those students who only have one grandmother or one grandfather living as well. 

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