Saturday, September 1, 2012

The HoverCam T3

I have a new tool in my classroom that I LOVE! It is a HoverCam T3 high resolution document camera. 

Check out this YouTube video description

HoverCam T3 video description

I really like that this model telescopes up when you need it and can fold in and telescope down when not in use. I can set this up in less than a minute by simply plugging the USB cable into my computer and opening the program. This came in especially helpful recently when we were examining how a plant receives nutrients. This camera allows you to zoom in so close to an object, the students could see the major veins in a leaf and then the microscopic veins under the bottom of the leaf.

We also used this camera to examine up close how a root forms after we soaked lima beans in wet paper towels for four days.

Soaking a lima bean in a wet paper towel for four days allowed the students to fully examine a seed in process of growing. Many of the beans swelled so much, their root burst right out of the protective seed coat. The students slipped off the seed coat and broke the bean open to see what the middle looked like. They were impressed by how smooth it was and even by the fact that the produce they eat begins like this.

I think that what I love the most about this camera is that it allows all 24 students to see something interesting up close without having to hammer their heads together to see what I am showing them. I no longer have to hear, "I can't see it!!!!"

This camera has a video feature which allows me to video record (with audio) my science lesson and send it straight to the student that was home from school ill and they didn't have to miss science that day! It has a scan/camera feature which allowed me to take the pictures included in this blog. I take pictures of each science project we are working on and email them directly to my parents so that they can see what we are doing in science each day. They LOVE that!! The zoom feature on the camera is so amazing, it zooms waaaaaaaay in without losing any picture quality.

Can you think of other ways I can use this new tool in my classroom? If you already use a document camera in your classroom, I would love to know how you use yours!

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of your school year!

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