Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Owls Craft

After putting paper on the bulletin board, I cut a large yellow moon out of poster board and place it as though it looks like it could be seen through trees. These owls were created using simple shapes in a step-by-step direct instruction lesson. If you would like the pattern for them, it is on DLTK's website. Just click OWLS to get a copy. The trees were made with brown bulletin board paper. The trunks are made by scrunching up a 3ft x 2ft sheet of the paper. I tuck it in toward the middle to make it look like a tree trunk. I try to "fold" the paper in up and down lines to mimic tree bark. Then, I cut pieces of the paper that are about 3ft x 5 inches. You don't have to be exact. To make smaller pieces, I tear of pieces into whatever size I want them to be. I twist and scrunch the pieces and then open them up again. I then twist them into "branches" and tuck the branches into the trunk. I bend the branches the way that I want them to be and staple them to the board. I created the sign between the trees that says: Whooooo made these? Kindergarten! That's Whooooo!

I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of autumn. If you have any "Go-to" fall projects, leave me a note about them. I am always looking for new ones to try!


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