Thursday, October 11, 2012

Seasons Tree Craftivity

My class is studying the four seasons in science. We have to do a lot of show and tell as well as projects that make this come alive since my students live in an area that really only experiences some of the full experiences of the seasons. We do not see snow here unless we go about 4 or 5 hours north east from here.  

One of the ways that I bring an understanding of the four seasons to my students is by creating a Seasons Book in which we paint a background and decorate a tree based on the season. 

Today, we created the "Spring Tree".

First, we painted the bottom "grass" of the paper with green tempera paint on light blue paper. We painted the top with silver sparkly tempera paint so that it still looked like the sky. The silver glittery paint was so thick, the students scooped it with their paint brushes and said they were painting clouds. They enjoyed that a lot.

Next, they glued a cut-out of a tree with branches onto the paper. We have a die-cut machine that we use to create these trees. We then roll up small squares of tissue paper and begin to fill the tree in. We use greens for the leaves and light and dark pinks for blossoms.

If this picture were matted it would look more "finished" and would make a nice classroom display. I plan to comb bind each finished tree into a book for my students. Another idea I had for a cool display was to make a quilt-like display of the seasons by hanging up four seasons of the tree across the wall in a repetitive pattern.

Coming soon: 

pictures of the fall tree: on yellow paper drawing a farm scene with corns and pumpkins in the background, painting the background with water color for a crayon resist in which you can still see the corn and pumpkins, and using self-stick leaf stickers from Oriental Trading. We usually just die-cut super small leaves out of paper...but our Resource Room leader knew we do this project each year and she thought of us when ordering the self-stick leaves. I can't wait to see how they look. Some leaves will also be in a pile on the ground.

pictures of the winter tree: on white paper, painting the sky with a deep blue sparkly paint. We glue cut up sparkly plastic snips of "snow" to only the branches. I think this is ordered from Discount School Supply in bags. The students LOVE this.

pictures of the summer tree: on light green paper, the paper is painted similar to the spring page, but using light green or tan paint for the gound. The top of the tree is filled in with cut up pieces of light and dark green paper.

This is truly a fun project that the students love. I hope you will try this out!


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