Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Free Native American Craftivity for Thanksgiving

My class has had a lot of fun creating Thanksgiving craftivities this week. In the last two days, I posted about the boy and girl pilgrim craftivities. Today, I will teach you how to create a Native American to add to the Thanksgiving class display.

For this project, each student will need:

  • (1) tall brown rectangle ( a 9 x 12 piece of paper can be cut into 4 faces)
  • (1) 6 x 3 inch black rectangle (for hair)
  • (2) 6 x 1.5 black rectangles (for hair)
  • (1) 6 x 1 green rectangle for head band
  • (1) 3 x 4 red rectangle for a feather
  • (1) 3 x 4 yellow rectangle for a feather 
Turn the brown rectangle sideways and glue a black rectangle to each side for hair. 

Add the large black rectangle for the top of the hair. Glue the green head band on with cut feathers tucked under the edge of it. Either have students cut feathers out of the two colored rectangles or cut them for each student. Draw a design on the green head band. 

Have the students draw a face, making sure to color the eyes of the native brown. Draw an oval for each eye. Put a circle with a black dot in the middle of each eye. Color the round part brown. Color the outer edges of the eyes white. Use a brown crayon to draw an L for a nose. Draw a smile. 
The feathers and bottom of the hair can be cut for fringe.

Finally, here is what I do with the ones we create. I hang up a large Mayflower cut-out that I inherited with my classroom and a few poster board trees. I then place all the creations on the board. With 24 students, perhaps next year, I might want to have 12 make pilgrims and 12 make the natives so you can see the ship and trees. In the large blue space on the end, I am hanging a vertical banner that says, "We are thankful for our friends."

I hope you have enjoyed three days of craftivities for Thanksgiving!


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  1. This looks great and I think the "crowdedness" of it makes it all the more adorable!!


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