Monday, November 19, 2012

Free Turkey Craftivity

Next week, we only work for two days before everyone disperses for the Thanksgiving holiday. I know the break is coming and the students know the break is coming. It seems that when students know a break is coming, they tend to be a bit more spunky than normal. I have a great project for you to do in one day that they can take home to use to decorate for Thanksgiving that will surely keep their attention.

Click on the picture below to receive your free Turkey without Feathers Graphic Freebie. Download and size it to whatever size you would like your turkeys to be and print off enough for each student to have one. It may be useful to print one for yourself so you can make it along with them in a direct instruction fashion.

  • Give each student one copy of the turkey
  • Have students color the turkey browns and yellows.
  • Give each student a small pile of cut brown and yellow tissue squares
  • Rub a glue stick all over the turkey body (not the head)
  • Scrunch tissue squares and place onto turkey body
  • Have students dab watercolor paints onto a coffee filter and let dry
  • Once the coffee filter is dry, students rub glue stick onto back of turkey head and back
  • Place turkey against the coffee filter which becomes the turkey feathers
  • Give each student two 1 inch x 5 inch pieces of yellow paper
  • Have students accordion fold each of the yellow papers for turkey legs
  • Glue to the back of the turkey so they hang down for legs
  • Hang and display in class or send home for students to decorate at home

If you like this freebie, come on over to Manic Monday by clicking on the button below to receive many more!

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  1. Super cute! I'm out of school for the week, but my own little boys would love this! Thank you.

    I Love My Classroom


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