Monday, November 26, 2012

Link up with a Christmas Traditions Linky!!!

Christmas Traditions Linky

Today, my family and I ventured out to Johnson's Farm to cut down our Christmas tree with our friends. As I watched my son chop down the tree for what might be the last time for a long time (he joined the Marines and will be leaving in June), I saw a father and tiny son a few trees over. They were both holding onto the saw together. The father was sawing and the small boy was kind of along for the ride. It really made me ponder about how time flies so fast and I found myself thinking back to times of Christmas past. That made me think of a few special Christmas traditions we have done and I would love to find out what others have done. I have created my first linky, a Christmas Traditions Linky! I'd love to hear about other traditions and perhaps in sharing here, we can start some of you with younger children on some fun and new activities!

1) The oldest tradition that happened in my home went back to my great grandmother. Each evening, as the children in the home went to sleep, she would rub a circle of red lipstick on their cheek (in an area they might not rub off in the middle of the night). Each morning, the children would rise (early!!!) and run to check the mirror to see if Rudolph came to "kiss" them when Santa dropped off presents. This tradition continued with my grandmother, my mother, me, and then my own children.

2) I grew up where it snowed, but out here in the west, we don't get snow. One year, I put baby powder in a shoe box and tamped my shoes into the powder. I then placed the shoe onto the floor to make "snow" foot prints for my students. The footprints led to an area where wrapped presents (from me) were dropped off early by Santa for them. They LOVED that! I also left a pipe cleaner with three bells on it for each of them from Rudolph. They thought that was super cool!

What was a fun Christmas tradition in your home or classroom? If you choose to link up with us, please place a clickable link back to this blog from your post. Thanks.

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