Friday, January 6, 2012

Penguin Art from Casa Camacho

Just a quick entry, last night through Chalk Talk's 
I saw 
idea for this project. Among other regularly scheduled items that we are learning about, some students have exhibited a high interest in penguins. I am working on an 
presentation with penguin facts for the class. In the meantime,we went ahead and tried these out. They were a big hit with the students! They thought it was clever that they could use their own hands to make penguin feet! This is a great example of how useful ideas you put "out there" can be to a teacher somewhere else! Thank you for the fun idea!

Writer's Workshop (Snowflakes)

Today, Mrs. Huff http://www. came to do a Writer's Workshop with my class again! She does this once a month and the children LOVE it! Using her template of The________  _________ snowflake falls ________________, she reviewed adjectives and adverbs that the children could use for their writing. Probably the most exciting part for the class was the opportunity to cut their very own snowflakes for this activity. After trial and error, we discovered that regular copying paper is probably the best option for this part of the activity. If you try to fold 
a piece of construction paper and have a five year old try to cut designs into it, the paper is too thick. The best link I found for easy snowflake paper folding is 
Yes, our students cut these all themselves!If you don't have 4th grade (our heroes!) buddies like we did today, (they came in JUST in time to help us out today), you may want to consider doing the snowflakes one day and the writing another day. We allowed the students to embellish their project with little foam snowflakes, crayon, and glitter. When coming up with adjectives, the class was fairly creative. We kind of balked at one child's choice of yellow for "The big, yellow snowflake....."...can you see that....yellow snow? Of course they were sweet to defend it by saying that when the sun sets, it can turn the snow yellow. Oh to think to like a five year old!

These are being collected and saved for the end of the year. It is so fun to see HOW MUCH their writing and understanding of adjectives and adverbs has changed in only 5 months! We are seriously loving having Mrs. Huff with us to do this. You should see her "act out" some of the descriptors we are using. It makes for such a fun and engaging way to learn writing!!
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