Thursday, March 1, 2012

Free St. Patrick's Day Math Patterns

What better way is there to help your class become "green" than by creating items that can be laminated and reused year after year? Here is a free St. Patrick's Day themed pattern page for you. Just copy the sheet onto card stock and laminate it. Students can use white board markers to complete the objective. My students really enjoy taking turns pretending to be "the teacher" and "the student". Once a student completes a sheet like this, they take it to their partner and "grade" the paper by checking to see if the pattern was done correctly. They love to put stars and happy faces on the top of the page. When the sheet is complete, they simply wipe off the sheet and place it back in the math center for others to use. Enjoy!

Angela Watson of The Cornerstone for Teachers has a wonderful collection of other March freebies for you to enjoy. Click on this link to find more great ideas for use in your classroom during March.

 St. Patricks Day Patterns

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