Saturday, June 30, 2012

License-free Ladybug Clip Art and Activities

I love to create items I can use in the classroom and often I find myself searching the internet for the perfect graphics. Recently, I wanted to create a game for my new class to play with their incoming 4th grade buddies, but could not find a graphic to fit what I was looking for, so...............................

I created my own! Through July 4th, my Counting Ladybug Clip Art will be on a 20% sale for $2. Click the picture below.

The activities I created the clip art for are also on sale right now. Click on each picture to be taken to the activities.

This is a 0-20 addition game that can be used in a math center or in small groups. You can play with all the cards at once or break them into number families, only playing with the nines or tens for example.
The game begins with students putting the ladybug cards in a face-up stack.
Spread the number cards in the center of the playing area, face up.
Students choose a ladybug card. They have to add the hearts on the two ladybugs together and find the number that is the correct answer in the number cards. If they can find the correct number, they make keep the two cards. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins.

This is a 24 page math center created by Christina Aronen. It includes 11 game boards and 44 game pieces. There are 4 pieces to be matched to each game board. Each game board has a word number listed in the bottom, right box. As students pull cards, they place it on a game board with the same number. Each game board will have one card with:
1) a ladybug with hearts (except the one for zero)
2) tally marks to match the number on the card
3) the word number
4) the arabic number

For example: If a student pulls a card with a ladybug with 6 hearts on it, that student will place that card on the 6 card in the space marked "bug". If they pull a card with nine tally marks, they place it on the 9 card in the space marked "tally".

Students can use the cards to make math problems by adding or subtracting two ladybug cards. They can use the number cards to practice counting in order and backward order as well.


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