Saturday, July 14, 2012

Make a Free GoAnimate Video for a Lesson Plan Component

My son used a fun website in his English class this last school year and I just checked it out tonight. It is called When you are ready to check it out yourself, click on the picture to go directly to their website. 

You can make short videos with ten sections of clips for free. There is an upgrade option for teachers. If you play the video below, I created this video about how to use goanimate.

outatthebeach's Animation by outatthebeach on GoAnimate

Create Video - Powered by GoAnimate.

Basically, after you go to the website and create a free account, you can begin to make your own videos. The choices of templates that are on the left are free. The ones on the right side are included when you pay to upgrade.

You choose your template, then your setting, then your characters. You are given ten talking windows in which you can either type what your would like your characters to say or you can use your microphone and speak the word directly into each box. If you type the words, you can choose what the voice sound like by choosing a country of origin. You can also choose emotions for your characters. The character's face changes, based on what you choose as the emotion for the character. 

The characters can take turns talking our you can have one character talk two times in a row.

My son's English class teacher used this site to have the students create short video clips with each week's vocabulary to show comprehension. This was a fun way to make an engaging and collaborative learning lesson for the students. Some other ideas for using this would be to have students create a different ending to a story. Perhaps they could make a video about a chapter for their book club and present it to the class this way. There are so many ways that this could be used:
New endings to stories
Re-telling of stories
Explanations of science or social studies topics
Have the characters talk out a math problem with solution at the end
Teach other students how to do something new

Below is a short video on what types of things can be done with the expanded feature if you would like to pay to upgrade.

Read an article from Go!Animate for schools!

If you were going to use this in your classroom, how would you use it? I would love to see what you think!


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