Monday, July 23, 2012

Teach Your Students How to Manage a Paper Trail

I just learned how to shoot, edit, and produce my own movies for class. Here is my first one for you!

I like to empower students by giving them a job to do in the classroom. They feel valued and appreciate having something important to do that directly supports the classroom. I used to waste a lot of time passing out and collecting papers. Has this ever happened to you? You pass out papers and by the time you have given your last student a paper, the first students are already writing all over the paper, thinking they know exactly what is supposed to be done, only to find out they did it entirely incorrect and you have to go fish them out another paper and take even more time away from teaching. This used to happen to me all the time until I came up with a "Paper Manager" job. Now, the students do all the passing out and collecting for me. I no longer have students bouncing out of their chairs while yelling, "I'm done!" Twenty-something "I'm done"s and papers thrown all over my desk was not working for me. Now, no one leaves their seat and all the papers are organized by table group for me to go through at the end of the day. I have even found that this has made it easier to determine just which student did not put a name on a paper since they are divided by table group.

I hope you find this idea useful! Please let me know if you have an idea for another helpful classroom video you would like to see!


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