Monday, August 13, 2012

Use QR Codes to Teach Reading

Have you seen these everywhere? Do you know what they are or what they do?
It is called a QR code and it is a 2 dimensional matrix of square dots. These codes were originally used in the automobile industry to track cars during the manufacturing process and have become uber popular because they hold much more information than a standard UPC code. 

Now, QR codes are also used as a marketing tool to bring customers to a website for instant information about specific brands. In order to get the information from the QR code, you must download a QR code reader. On my Droid phone, I did a search for a free one in the apps store and downloaded it to my phone. My son has a few iTouches he has moved on from as he upgraded, so I am downloading QR code readers to them and putting them in a reading center.

Guess what? Teachers can create these (in seconds) and use them to teach reading! Simply visit the website: which is a free QR code generator website. I used it to create the QR code above for my website. I also used it to create word families for a reading center. 

Section 1: Data type: scroll down to plain text.
Section 2: Content: type in words you want students to read in a list.
Section 3: Choose what color you would like the QR code to be. You can just leave it black if you prefer.
Section 4: Download the QR code under the preview.

After downloading it, save it as a .png file and put the picture anywhere you would like. You could print it out and put it on a poster with directions for what to do with the iTouches. Teach students how to open the QR code reader and hold it over the QR code. The list you made automatically shows up and the student can practice reading those words! They can then use those words to write a sentence and draw a picture.

Here are some QR codes I created in under a minute each: if you have a smart phone or an iTouch with a camera, see if you can scan these and read the lists I created.
ap word family

at word family

en word family

it word family

op word family

ot word family
Are you using QR codes in your classroom? Do you have an idea for how to use QR codes in the classroom? Leave a note and let me know!


How To Create Graphics Screencast


I have had numerous people asking about what programs I use to create my graphics. I had an earlier post with screen shots. Now I have a "How-to" screencast to walk you through the process. I used Jing to do the screencast and it has a five minute limit, so I apologize if it seems I raced through the instructions. The nice thing is, you can pause it and back it up if you miss a step while watching it. Just scroll all the way down to the bottom and press the pause sign or slide the bar backward to go back to something you want to revisit.

Here are all the graphics I have made so far that I am offering for free:

If you like these, you might consider purchasing these graphics:


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