Thursday, September 27, 2012

Pumpkin Math and Literacy Packet

I have recently finished the unit I was creating around pumpkins for my class that includes math and writing/reading activities. If you would like it, please click on the picture above.

This 35 page math and literacy packet created by Christina Aronen centers around pumpkins. This is a zipped file and files will need to be extracted.
p.2-3 Cut and paste ordinal pumpkins
p. 4 Color ordinal pumpkins
p. 5 Graphing pumpkins
p. 6-7 Weighs the most and least
p. 8 Pumpkin addition
p. 9-10 Cut and paste and draw scrambled sentence
p. 11 Pumpkin carving blue print and descriptive writing
p. 12-15 Mini math drawing journal with vocabulary list
p. 16-35 Two sets of each number cards (1-20) for math card games (Go Fish, Number Matching, Placing Numbers in Order, Number Identification, Flashcards, etc.) 

Below are some examples of pages in this packet.

Below is a freebie for you from this packet!


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