Thursday, October 25, 2012

Character Development Freebie

Click on this picture to receive these free pages below.

This week in class, we began a character development unit on "Choices". Students are sent home with an "I Will Obey" chart. They take it home and hang it up in a prominent place. Each time their parent asks them to do one item from the list and the student does it the first time they are asked, they can place on sticker on a corresponding square until their entire page is filled. 

Here, in this packet, I have created an "I Will Obey" chart that students can take home and work with their family. I also created one that teachers can use directly in the classroom. Once the chart is completed, the student can turn that in for a prize from the prize box.

In this packet, students will draw and write about a time they made a good choice and about a time they made a bad choice. This year I would like to make a Photo Story with their pages and create a podcast of them sharing about their pages. The podcast can be put onto an iTouch and placed in the Listening Center to be listened to as students look through the class book.

Something I did last year that was really fun for the students:
Put the students in pairs and have them brainstorm about something they should not do at school. They then pose in a picture pretending to act out the bad behavior and the teacher takes a picture. The students then pose for correct behavior. The students who hardly ever "break the rules" really have fun with getting to pretend to do so just for the picture. I printed my pictures out and had a written page next to it with what students would say about the good and the bad picture.Pictures are then placed into a class "Choices" book. 
It was a very popular book!


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