Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Easy to Make Christmas Gifts by Students!!

At this time of year, I like to take time with my students to make things to decorate for Christmas. Thanks to Pinterest, we have done some very cute projects recently. 

Crystal at Little Bit Funky.com shows you how to create these really cute reindeer ornaments for them to give to their parents for Christmas. My students really loved making these today. The paint dried so quickly, they were able to add eyes, antlers, and a nose using black and red sharpies. The sharpies made the eyes and nose have a metallic shine. The children thought that was pretty neat. Click on the first picture to go to her site to see how to make these super easy ornaments. I bought mine at Michael's at a 50% off sale last night, so the 8 ornaments only cost 50 cents a piece. I had my students sit on the carpet to decorate them because if they dropped the ornament, there was less likely a chance that the ornament would break. I am having the students decorate a bag and they will wrap them in tissue and bring them home in the decorated bag for their parents. I wrote their name and the year on the bottom of each ornament.

Recently, we also made these: We will be adding ribbon to these tomorrow and hanging them in our classroom for our Christmas party. I will send them home on the 14th so that the students can enjoy them on their own tree for a few weeks too. Click on the first picture below to go to Mrs. Morrow's Kindergarten class to see how she made these. The reindeer AND Santa ornaments look really great when put together on her class tree. She has a number of other cute projects. We may be doing the student elves that she has hanging from her ceiling. We may do them with our 4th grade buddies. They look really great!

For the Santa handprint, I used three containers of paint. I mixed red and white to make Santa's face. After each child pushed their hand onto the paper, I let them add a little more of each color over the parts of their hand that didn't come out very dark. The students thought these were fun to make!

Do you have a great link for a Christmas craft you do with your students? Please share it here!


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