Sunday, December 30, 2012

Free Sticker Charts

As school ended in December and my students were leaving for the Christmas vacation break, a number of parents commented to me about the fact that I would probably enjoy having a break from the children. Perhaps for a moment, I fleetingly thought that I might answer that comment with resounding "yes" as the students were fairly close to "hanging off the chandeliers" as they were zinging from the sugar content of the Christmas party. 

My true thought though, was a "no". In truth, I MISS those kids when I don't get to see them for 2+ weeks. Also, it seems to take all the way from August to December to really get the students to where they are functioning together as a terrific group. They were just getting into a really workable groove when school ended.

My experience has been that as the students come back from the long break, they will have spent many evenings staying up late and straying from schedules. Getting back into a routine at school will be more difficult for some than others. We are returning to school in the middle of the week, so that should prove to be even more difficult for some to adapt to.

One procedure that I will remind students about is their sticker chart. It is a laminated sheet of paper. Students receive stickers as a reward for making great choices and place them in squares on their chart. Alternatively, as the students make poor choices, they must remove one sticker and place it on a corner of my desk themselves. My students understand that their actions have a consequence and removing the sticker from their own chart serves as a personal responsibility factor for their choice. This is usually done after a verbal warning is not heeded. The charts are laminated so that stickers can be easily removed. 

Once a student is successful in filling all the spaces with stickers, I allow them to visit my prize box. They then get to take home their completed sticker chart to show to their parents. They then begin a new sticker chart.

I created a few new charts for my class and I am sharing them here with you as FREEBIES! Just click on the pictures below to receive your free copy.


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