Thursday, January 10, 2013

Colored Heart Numbers 0-9 Graphics

This is my newest graphic creation. I am selling them in my TpT store for $2. I created them in Autodesk Sketchbook on a Wacom Bamboo Capture tablet. 

To create these numbers, I set my canvas size at 4x6 for each number. Using the pencil tool, I hand drew each number. I then used the felt tip tool to create one small circle. I selected the circle and copied and pasted it to the work surface. I then copied and pasted the small circles all around the number so that as I did, the circle would be segmented in half by my original pencil drawing. I then chose two colors and painted every other side of the circles, alternating the two colors. Then, I used the blur tool and dragged it from one end of the number to the other, stretching the colored circles into feathered hearts. Finally, I used the sharpen tool and went over the entire number to make it look clear. These numbers are not perfectly sharp in their detail as a result, but I liked the feathered look of the hearts, so I left it this way. I then saved the picture and uploaded it into the free online image manipulating program called Gimp to add a transparency channel layer to take away the big white box I created the number in. These numbers can be sized and rotated in any way you like.

If you download these number graphics and use them in a creation, please give credit to me as the creator:
Created by Christina Aronen 2013

I have no training in creating graphics and have been enjoying learning how to do this simply by trial and error. If you have any great tips for creating your own graphics, I would LOVE to hear from you!


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