Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Heart Graphic Freebie

I was blessed by many generous parents in my classroom at Christmas this year. One parent gave me a gift card to I was so excited because I have been spending some time looking at Wacom drawing tablets. I purchased the Bamboo Capture. It comes with Adobe Photoshop Elements, Autodesk Sketchbook, and Express and Nik Color Efex Pro. 

I had been trying out the free online image manipulator called Gimp by just using Microsoft Publisher shapes and my touch pad. This tablet has been so fun to try to work with!  

Here is the first graphic I created on it. I am enjoying learning how to work with the varieties of mediums available. I would like to share the graphic with you. If you download it, you may use it on any personal or commercial product. You can even add text over it. If you do download it, please give credit to me as the creator: Created by Christina Aronen 2013 The graphic does not include the purple background I put it on. It is a transparent graphic and can be sized and rotated as you like.

Tomorrow, I will tell you about my newly created multi-colored Numbers 0-9 Feathered Heart Graphics!


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