Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This is a picture my 9th grade son drew on a large piece of butcher paper to show how the hydrosphere and geosphere are related. He had to attach tiny pieces of printed paper with labels that had descriptions about how each stream, pond, river, lake, cloud, delta, the ocean, mountain, hill, volcano, lava, magma, the core, the mantle, the lithosphere, etc...all have a relationship and describe how weathering and other forms of erosion affect each one. He also had to identify chemical and physical changes involved in each relationship and identify what inter and intramolecular make up each earth element had. Needless to say, his masterpiece was quite covered up with little scraps of relationship papers!

Funny, but remember the saying, "Everything I need to know....I learned in kindergarten"? Well, it turns out it is true! My students are learning about landforms and the relationship each has with the other. For instance, this week, they are learning about the three stages of water and what effect each stage has on the environment it is in based on temperature and other climate issues such as wind. 

Just showing them pictures and books never really seems to make these concepts stick, so I created a packet for them to work through in the next two weeks. 

I am selling it in my TpT store for $5. If you are interested, here is what it contains:

˚ Landform coloring poster
˚ Landform tracing words page
˚ Landform matching words page
˚ 11 interactive  coloring rebus landform fact pages
˚ 11 concept map pages (1 for each landform)
˚ 6 cut and paste matching words/write landform word pages
˚ 2 sets of matching pictures and landform word games
(Play 3 ways: match landform with correct word, match landform word to landform word, or match landform pictures to landform pictures)

If you would like to purchase it, click on the picture below.

If you are teaching the concept of landforms to your students, I would appreciate hearing about what you are doing!


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