Monday, June 10, 2013

Father's Day Card Freebie

Students shared reasons they love their father with me. They were then encouraged to write those reasons out on "sloppy copy" (kindergarten writing paper). Some of them felt they couldn't do this. I just encouraged them to do their best to sound things out, ask peers for help, and remember to use finger spacing and punctuation. The results were even better than I expected. By giving them the freedom of the sloppy copy paper, they felt they could take risks, knowing it wasn't the final copy yet. I then had them have a peer edit their paper to see if they could get closer to the way the words were supposed to spell. This gave the peers a way to exercise what they have learned about spelling and phonics mechanics. The final edit was done in a one-on-one conference with me at my desk. In instances where I felt the children really could spell some of the words they missed, I asked them open-ended questions about their writing and they were able to self-correct some of their own mistakes. I then did a final edit in a thick, pink marker so that they could differentiate it from their original writing. They then rewrote the final draft onto their tie and shirt template . I then cut out 9 inch circles and had the students design their father's face. They were encouraged to think about what color eyes and hair their father has. They then glued the head to the shirt and the resulting replication of their father to a folder 12x9 paper. Inside the card, they wrote a nice Happy Father's Day message to their father. It was wonderful to see what each of them wrote for reasons they love their father on the front of his tie. They loved making this project and I know the fathers will love receiving these. The template does have a blank and another option for children who do not have a father or live with their father. 


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