Saturday, July 27, 2013

An "All About Me" Free Writing Journal

Hello! It's that wonderful time of year again! Time to welcome a new class and learn about a whole new set of personalities. I used to get nervous at the beginning of school, until I realized that all the new people coming into my class, parents included, were nervous about meeting me too. 

I have a freebie for you to help you get to know all about the new students you will be having in your classroom! 

Just click on the picture above to receive 16 pages of journal prompts that are sure to be a great way to get to know so much more about your students! With nearly 3,000 downloads, this is a super popular project with both teachers, students, and the parents who receive the final product.

This packet includes 16 writing prompts with space included for drawings. One of my favorite pages is where the students write their names and draw themselves during the first week of school. I LOVE to keep these books and save them for the Open House at the end of school. I take the page that they wrote their name on and drew themselves and paste it onto a large colorful piece of paper right next to the same project that they complete during the last day of school. Most of the students will do two things: 1)Try to secretly change how they wrote their names from the first week of school and 2) flat out insist they never wrote their name like that or drew a picture like that. A lot of the kids think the project is hilarious. The parents are really drawn to it as a great visual for just how much the children will change in 9 months.

Good luck to everyone as you set up your classrooms in the days and weeks to come!


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