Friday, January 11, 2013

No-Fail Trick for Getting Names on Papers

I have a confession: I really love Crayola products! Even though I really never need any MORE Crayola things for my classroom, every time I am in Target or Walgreens, I can not help myself from meandering down the supply aisle just to see what cool new thing they have. 
The Mini Expressions Stampers Markers are not new, but I have a new idea for how I am using them in my classroom and I would like to share it with you. Did you know they take away headaches?

Ok, not really. However, how many times have you told your students to write their names on their paper TODAY alone, only to pick up the stack for grading to find at least 3 children STILL missed the boat? In my case, every year, I have "the one" I can count on not to put their name on their paper and I can easily identify who it belongs to. However, when you have 3 to compare, the headache begins and I stand in front of my kindergarten class and try to convince them to tell me.

"Who colored their dot-to-dot ice cream with these really cool rainbow colors?"

My theory is, if I advertise the paper as if it is something EVERYONE wants, I MIGHT get the true owner to pay attention long enough to tell me it belongs to them. 

However, this ploy doesn't always work, and rather than heading for the ibuprofen, I toss the nameless paper into the recycle bin.

This week, I came up with a "haven't-failed-once-in-three-days" trick! I told the students on Monday that if they put their name on their paper, they get to put a small happy face next to it (like I do when they do a great job on their paper)! They were so excited, they even started to do it next to their names on their homework sheets. 

Now, I upped the excitement by putting a small can with a few Crayola stampers at each table. After each student writes their name, they get to choose their own stamp to put at the end of their name. I like this option better because the size of the mark is controlled (unlike some of their rather large happy faces they drew) and the element of color and different designs really get the kids excited about doing this.

Do you have any great ideas for getting students to remember to put their names on their paper? I'd love to hear from you!


If you can not find the Crayola stampers, you can order them from Lakeshore Learning HERE

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