Saturday, January 12, 2013

Incorporating Technology into Kindergarten & FREE LABELS

This year, I am participating in a program for teachers that incorporates technology into the classroom for a year. It is called MERIT. One of my more recent challenges has been to create a video about how I incorporate technology into the classroom. It isn't too difficult as the teacher to incorporate the technology. I have a tablet PC that has a pen tool with lots of cool software, a wireless LCD projector, a really amazing Hovercam T3 document camera, a couple of flip cameras, and now a Bamboo Wacom Tablet as well. 

The trick is, how do I have the students USE the technology? I am supposed to create a video about that. Today, I came up with a way for the students to do that!

I made a big deal about how the students were going to get to take turns being the teacher and get to use my computer and document camera. We have small guided readers for our Saxon Phonics that we use in small groups. We have already gone through them once in small groups. I decided the students would take turns helping the class to read the books using the camera with the LCD projector.

I allowed the student to sit in my chair (that was cool enough for them, they were over the moon!) and gave them a thin, translucent, colored pointer. They placed the book under the document camera, put the pointer on the word they wanted their class to read, and I pressed record to capture the moment.

I also gave my Android phone to another student who videotaped my assisting the "teacher". 

The students were told that those who participate well and make great choices during the lesson would be given a chance to be the teacher for another part of the book. I can tell you, it was the most they paid attention to a reading lesson that I can ever remember! They loved the experience so much, I think we will start making it a regular occurrence.

I plan to put the video from the document camera together with the video the other student took to show how I am teaching my students to incorporate technology in the kindergarten classroom to make learning a more engaging experience.

I would love some ideas, how do you incorporate technology into your classroom?

Also, today, just for fun, I created some free labels using the new numbers I designed using my Wacom tablet. You can have the labels for free! Here is a picture of how I am using mine.


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