Friday, August 16, 2013

Excellent Back to School Resources

It is that time of the year again!! Many of you have already begun to welcome your new crop of students for the year. I had the pleasure of meeting most of my new students at our "Back-to-School" Night this past week. I really enjoy that time, as it gives me a few moments with parents to tell me about their children. I also get an initial impression on each child so that I can begin to plan for some of their needs as well as their interests!

In getting ready for the upcoming year, I have a number of "tried and true" supplements that I like to make sure to use each year. However, I ALWAYS love to shop at TpT's Back-to-School SALE to add something new to the new class. It is especially cute when my older students stop into the room and look around. They love to see replicas of a project they did the previous year. Then you see them look with awe at a new project and say, "Hey, we didn't get to do that!!!" They sure are observant!

Teachers Pay Teachers is hosting a HUGE Back-to-School two day sale on August 18th and 19th. If you click on the box above, you can be taken to the TpT Back to School SALE through my store. You can also go to their home page from my store to shop from the stores of other teachers. 

Be sure to add in the promo code: BTS13 to get up to 28% off of EVERYTHING in my store!

Here is my newest creation:

If you would like to check out some other really wonderful Back-to-School items, look at what these amazing teachers have to offer by clicking on each of their buttons! Be sure to check each of their stores. You will find many things that will provide your students with fun, interactive, and purposeful learning!

May you enjoy a truly wonderful new year with your new class!!


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