Tuesday, January 28, 2014

QR Codes for Video in a Class Collaborative Written Book in Kindergarten

Our class loves to make collaborative class books. This is one we made for our parents to look at as they waited their turns in the hallway to speak to me at our report card conferences.

We made one based on the book, I Went Walking. It is written by Sue Williams and illustrated by Julie Vivas. I had two copies, so, I took one copy and used the front cover for the front of our creation. 

I also found a wonderful singing version of this book on YouTube. The person who made the video turns the pages during the song, so a child can watch the book being sung to them. I created a QR code at QRstuff.com from the YouTube url and pasted it onto the front cover of the book.

This book is part of our Houghton Mifflin Reading program. We looked through this book and made a lot of inferences. It was so fun for the child to see if they could guess which animal would show up on the next page, based solely on the part of the animal the illustrator teased them with on each prior page.

We then read the book and retold the story. The students loved the repetition and opportunity to make guesses about the animals. To develop their oral language with this activity, I let students use iPads to record each other sharing about what animal they would see if they went walking. I reminded them that they had to speak using the full sentence that said, " I saw a ____ ____ looking at me."

Students then illustrated the animal they wanted to see when they went walking and wrote what animal they would see on the page using this format: I saw ________________________________. They filled in what animal they saw looking at them.

I then uploaded each of their videos to my YouTube channel and made sure to set the videos to "unlisted" so that only the people with the url could see the videos.

I created a QR code for each individual video and printed them out on a paper. I cut each person's QR code out and glued it to the page they were creating for the class book.

Finally, I added a picture of each child to their page. 

Parents were instructed to download a free QR code scanner to their device so that they could scan the QR code from their child's page and watch their child read the page to them while they waited for their conference. I also offered my device if they either did not have one or did not want to download something like that to their own device.

I put the book together by punching the sides with a three-holed punch and placing rings through the pages. At the end of the school year, I can take out the children's pages and have them place them in their end of the year book that they add to each month. It will be a really neat collection of projects that they have worked on throughout the year.

The students loved using the iPads in class to scan their friends pages and watch their friend read their pages to them.

I hope you get to try something like this in your class. If you do, I would love to hear about what you created!


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