Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Year Long Technology Project

Are you looking for a YEAR-LONG technology idea to do with your class this or next year? Watch this Prezi for some ideas about something you could do with a few tools (and possibly some help from a few volunteers).

I am always looking through Pinterest for technology ideas I can use in my classroom. Please tell me about some of your favorite ideas!

Enjoy the Prezi!

Look for more tech tips from teachers here!
Teaching with Technology

Monday, February 3, 2014

Feel the Love, Valentine Math Freebies

"I'm doooo-ooooone!" we have all heard those words from one of our lightning flash fast students at one point or another. When my students are finished with their work, I have them turn to their "unfinished work" folder. However, when the work is finished there too, I will then let the students work in a center or work in pairs on the iPads. At times, there is really not quite enough time to really start an activity on the iPad or in a center, so I always keep a current folder of an extension activity for math and phonics. Here are a few of my favorite February ones just for you.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day activities, I have some that I have created that you can have for FREE!

A Valentine Pictograph

This is a card game that can be laminated, cut, and played with either in a math center or individually in the classroom. This activity reinforces knowing how to count from 1-20 and also reinforces matching objects to numbers. This game can also be used as an assessment by having the children try to put the number cards in correct order from 1-20. Accelerated students could then match the correct object card to the number card.

Give each student a box of candy hearts. Have them sort their colors on to the sorting sheet first. Then have them graph their candy on the Valentine Heart Graph. I allow my students to remove their candy and place it back in the box and then use the correct colored crayon to show how many hearts were on each line. I then send the paper and the box of candy hearts home with the students. This is a HUGE hit every year.

Finally, how about some BONUS LOVE! If you enjoy these activities and leave a comment about how you might use my activities with your email address, I will send you my  most popular math activity for FREE! This is a paid product in my TpT store, but I will send it to you for FREE!

Leave a comment to get this paid product for free!


Sunday, February 2, 2014

A Super Offer

I plan to be watching the Super Bowl with my family tomorrow. However, I will also be checking out some of my fellow teacher's stores that are having a 20% off sale on their products.

Primary Possibilities

Stephany at Primary Possibilities is hosting a link up of teachers that all plan to offer sales to you tomorrow during the Big Game. Click on her button to be taken to the group. Thanks, Stephanie!

I will be one of the teachers hosting a 20% off sale. My sale runs February 2nd through February 4th. Click on the picture to be taken to my store.

As a thank you to all who purchase from my store during this sale, I will help you get ready for Mother's AND Father's Day with a free copy of BOTH my Mother's Day and Father's Day journals. These are great to complete for morning work. My students complete a page a day until they are finished. I then bind them and save them as a gift for the parents in my class. 

Just leave a comment below with your email and the product you purchased from my store and I will send both PDFs your way for free!

You can click on both pictures below to see if you would like to use them!


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