Tuesday, July 29, 2014

My Doctor and ME ABC written for the youngest patients

Do your students get worried about visits that they have to take to the doctor's office? Periodically, mine do! 

My Doctor and Me ABC is a sweet book you can add to your classroom library. Written by Dr. Stephanie Cox, a family physician from Des Moines, Iowa, this adorably illustrated rhyming ABC book shows a variety of things that a little patient would see at the doctor's office. I love that each page focuses on one thing only, such as C is for Cough or L is for lung and gives information about that one topic in a fun to read rhyming format. We all know our students love the opportunity to guess what word will come next when listening to a book written with a rhyme format, so this book is fun for little ones to listen to.

Each page is illustrated with a cheerful child. I can see all students relating to this book, as the illustrations include children from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. The illustrations are clear and not complicated by background drawings. They simply allow for the child to focus on the one topic shared on the page.

Dr. Cox wrote this book to help children with their fears about going to the doctor's office. She has infused her years of working with children of all ages into this book. She also wrote this book to teach children more about healthy lifestyles and the human body. The fun rhyming tempo of this book is sure to draw your students into the story.

This book is truly a wonderful addition to the classroom library and a health and wellness unit for the classroom. If you would like this book in your classroom library, it can be found at Amazon in an 8.5 x 8.5 softcover book or a kindle version for under $10.


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