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A Few of My Favorite Things Blog Hop

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It's that time of year when you start feeling the weather really change and as you drive around at night, more Christmas lights are coming on each evening. In our home, my son begins to sing Christmas carols in his best Bing Crosby "try-to-be" voice and we giggle because it is funny, but enjoy the merriment of the season and join in. One of the songs that almost always comes up has to do with "My Favorite Things".

As a fellow teacher, I have a few of MY favorite things that I would LOVE to share with you!

My first favorite thing is a product called "Sit Spots". Here are some pictures of them in my classroom. Click on the word above to be taken to their website to learn even more ways to use them than I currently use them for.

Sit Spots do not stick well to the cute, colored, soft plied classroom rugs. Luckily, you can order a sample from them to see if the product will work well on your carpet. I do like to use them on the carpet where they won't stick so that the students can easily move them around to practice patterning and sorting. 

The Sit Spots stick SUPER well to our regular carpet and made a drab area look really bright and fun. The colors really POP and people often compliment me on these simple velcro color spots. Sometimes, I like to teach with the students up close to the board. Typically, I had them sit in this spot near the board and they would fight over who would sit the closest to the teacher. Another problem we USED to have was that they would take a favorite spot or sit too close to another student. When I introduced this product to the classroom, students chose their own color and placed it where I assigned them to sit. They have velcro on the bottom, so they can be placed AND MOVED as needed. These stick very well to the carpet and are easily vacuumed over.

Here, my students stand at their spots. When I ask them to, they each sit on their own spot, territorial provocations disappeared immediately!

One more thing I really love about this product is how easy it is to clean. A simple wipe over with a wet rag can bring the product back to look like new!

As part of this blog hop, one of the prizes you can win from me is a set of Sit Spots to try in your classroom!

My second favorite thing is to find a way to save time while getting ready in the morning on my way to school. I am sharing the beauty products I use that definitely cut down on my crazy hair time.

I have naturally curly hair, that when left a bit untamed ends up looking like I stood in a wind tunnel at the end of the day. OK, I teach kindergarten, so maybe that's the real reason. Ha! After I wash and dry my hair, I like to straighten it slightly with this Remington Pearl hair straightener. I found it at Target awhile ago and LOVE it! In fact, it works so nicely, I went back and bought the same brand hair dryer too. It has real pearl infused into the plate that allows for a smooth glide. The hot pink bottle of spray is called Miss Universe Style Illuminate Chi. It is actually a blow dry spray, but I love to use it RIGHT after I straighten my hair. I only spray a small bit onto my brush and then I brush it through my hair. It puts a slight shine on my hair, tames the fly-aways, and leaves my hair super soft. Finally, I like to spray it in place with the Sebastian hairspray. It is not sticky or hard, so I get great hold, but my hair looks "in place" but moves naturally. It sounds like a lot of work, but I have my crazy, curly hair down to about ten minutes tops thanks to these products.

Finally, another of my favorite things is to support the everyday people that serve in our nation's military. My son is a Marine and my nephew is a Sailor. This is a picture of my son being honored at our school's Veteran's Day chapel this year with one of my wonderful students.

Having a child leave to serve his country three days after a high school graduation takes some getting used to, so I interact with other people who are, pardon the pun, "in the same boat". When he served overseas twice, it was nice to be able to talk with others who understand the fears a mom has, whether rational or not. I especially love the support group called Camp Courage. Click HERE to learn more about what they do, thousands strong, all started by one mom, Mai Christy.

Another way I enjoy supporting the troops is by doing something I already love, I bake!

But now, I bake for Operation Cookie Takeover too. If you want to try this out, it is uber easy. Just give them an email and tell them how many cookies you plan to send out. You get paired up with someone deployed overseas. I happen to have recently been paired with a person who does not usually get mail, so I bet he'll be happy to see 4 dozen snicker/chocolate chip cookies plus some super sweet letters and drawings from some pretty cute 5 year olds. They run different "missions" each couple of weeks, so consider signing up to help them out. The cookies are wrapped individually for a few reasons: to ensure freshness (these ones traveled to the Middle Eastern Gulf region) and so that those who receive them can share and trade. I mail them in flat rate boxes. The medium boxes only cost about $13 to mail and the large ones are about $16....not much to say "Thanks" to someone 7,000 miles away from home.

As part of this blog hop, I am offering all four of my Teachers Pay Teachers featured products at 50% off of the regular price from December 7th, 2014-December 14th, 2014. Hop on over to my store to check them out! Click on the picture to be taken to these products.

A bonus to this blog hop beyond the 50% off product sale is that you have the opportunity to win some of those amazing prizes up top!

I sincerely hope you enjoyed learning about a few of my favorite things. 


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