Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Easy Gift From the Teacher and FREEBIE

Only 3 days left before Christmas vacation and you were thinking you might like to give something to your families something for a present? I have an easy project you can do in one day! Make them a memory tile! (or wall hanging or trivet). I took a super cute picture of each child on a day that was very overcast outside. There were no shadows and I took head shots of each child with fall leaves in the background. The colors came out beautiful. For privacy sakes, I am using a scenic photo instead of one of the ones I made for each family.

My son is very into photography and we loved the idea of putting his pictures on something easy to give away. He is taking groups of his photos and making these photo tiles in sets of 4 to give away as coasters. They were surprisingly easy (and therapeutic) to make!

At our local hardware store, we were able to purchase a box of 100 white, glossy, ceramic tiles (4.25 in by 4.25 in) for only $15. In fact, the grand total for everything needed was under $35.

Here is what you need:

Ceramic tiles
Mod Podge
a thin foam brush (thin so it will fit in the jar opening)
a sand sponge (or piece of sand paper)
spray sealant
photos printed on regular copy paper
rubbing alcohol 

Step 1)
Sand off any rough edges

Step 2)
Clean off the tile with rubbing alcohol

Step 3)
Size your photos to 4 in by 4 in on a computer (or manually crop them on a cutter)
Step 4)
Sweep a very thin layer of Mod Podge across the tile, covering it entirely. Try to leave smooth lines to leave less room for troublesome air bubbles.
Step 5)
Place the cut photo in the center of the tile and rub the photo from the center out to all the edges to push away any air bubbles.

Step 6) 
Sweep a very thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire picture, being sure to cover the edges. 
THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP: rub your finger from the center of the picture (yes in all the Mod Podge) and across every edge, shoving out any air bubbles. Press and make sure to seal every edge. If you wipe off your finger immediately, no Mod Podge sticks to you. We tried different methods via numerous You Tube tutorials for this project and we still ended up with way too many air bubbles. When we started adding this step and doing it this way ourselves, we had no air bubbles and near perfection each time. This wasted less time and less materials.
Step 7) 
Coat each tile with the Mod Podge. Let each tile dry for up to 20 minutes before you add another coat onto the tile. Repeat up to 3 or 4 times. The Mod Podge dries clear. It goes on white. Even though it dries clear, you will still see every stroke that was put on with the foam brush. It is at this point that you can decide if you want to make the lines that will result on the project in a purposeful fashion. You can see in the photo below that I chose to make the lines go a certain direction on some pictures. Have fun with creating a signature mark for when you use a foam brush and Mod Podge.
Step 8)
Make sure the tiles dry completely before spraying them down with a sealant. This step has to be outside for ventilation purposes.
Here is our finished product: Merry Christmas!

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  1. I follow your blog and love your ideas!

    1. Thanks! You should have your free frames in your inbox. If not, please let me know! Enjoy!

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