Monday, February 3, 2014

Feel the Love, Valentine Math Freebies

"I'm doooo-ooooone!" we have all heard those words from one of our lightning flash fast students at one point or another. When my students are finished with their work, I have them turn to their "unfinished work" folder. However, when the work is finished there too, I will then let the students work in a center or work in pairs on the iPads. At times, there is really not quite enough time to really start an activity on the iPad or in a center, so I always keep a current folder of an extension activity for math and phonics. Here are a few of my favorite February ones just for you.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day activities, I have some that I have created that you can have for FREE!

A Valentine Pictograph

This is a card game that can be laminated, cut, and played with either in a math center or individually in the classroom. This activity reinforces knowing how to count from 1-20 and also reinforces matching objects to numbers. This game can also be used as an assessment by having the children try to put the number cards in correct order from 1-20. Accelerated students could then match the correct object card to the number card.

Give each student a box of candy hearts. Have them sort their colors on to the sorting sheet first. Then have them graph their candy on the Valentine Heart Graph. I allow my students to remove their candy and place it back in the box and then use the correct colored crayon to show how many hearts were on each line. I then send the paper and the box of candy hearts home with the students. This is a HUGE hit every year.

Finally, how about some BONUS LOVE! If you enjoy these activities and leave a comment about how you might use my activities with your email address, I will send you my  most popular math activity for FREE! This is a paid product in my TpT store, but I will send it to you for FREE!

Leave a comment to get this paid product for free!


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