Tuesday, April 8, 2014

FarFaria Reading App GIVEAWAY (2 winners)

Here is an iPad opportunity you will NOT want to pass up on! 

How would you like access to more than 600 incredible and colorful children's stories, with five brand new ones added EVERY week for free for 3 months?

Farfaria is an amazing iPad app that was created for children ages 2-9 that provides an incredibly engaging reading experience. Every single story in this app can be differentiated for different levels of reading abilities and is leveled according to reading level with a badge right on the book cover. One option for reading the stories allows for the iPad to automatically turn the pages as the story is read by a cheerful narrator. Another option allows for the reader to swipe their finger right to left across the page and the narrator reads the book to the reader. The final option allows the reader to turn the page and do all the reading themselves. My students love the "Read to Me" option because the narrators are so upbeat and many of the stories include background sounds and/or music.

I LOVE to "grab" the corner of the page and let it "peel" part way across the iPad to give them "sneak peaks" of what comes next in the story. My students literally beg me to hurry and turn the page.

The "homepage" of FarFaria is designed similar to Disneyland in which you can access different genres of books in different "lands". Here is one example.

Every one of the books on FarFaria can be saved as a "favorite" to be read offline later. I like to save the books as favorites because most of the books are so well received by the students that they usually ask to see it again the next day. Some of their favorites are "Grumpy Cat" and "Monkey Ninjas".

Before I tell you how you can win one of 2 free 3 month memberships that are good for use in the USA and Canada, check out the FarFaria Demo that will give you a look at what I am sure will be one of your new #1 "go-to" apps.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can also try the FarFaria for free on your own. You can download the app and read one free story every day with no obligation to pay. If you like the app, you can purchase it for $3.99 a month or $39.99 for the year. 

In my classroom, I do not have Apple TV to show the whole class what is on my iPad, but I have found an awesome work-around that allows me to share FarFaria with everyone at once. I open FarFaria on my iPad and place it under my document camera. Students can then see the story unfold before them up on the large classroom screen through the LCD projector. I have translucent pointers that I use to point out details or point to words I want them to practice with in the story. My students give this app 46 thumbs up! 

Good luck on your entry!


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