Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Free Father's Day Craftivity Gift

Father's Day is soon approaching and I have a fun and easy craftivity for your child to create. This project can be created for a father or for someone who is like a father. When you download the free shirt template, choose which version is perfect for your needs. Here is our class set that we created in the last week of school.

Click on the picture to receive your free template

This is a 3 page packet. It includes one tie that can be written on for "Dad", one that can be written to someone "like a Dad", and one that is left blank for anyone the child would like to write about at Father's Day. 

This can be simply written on and colored as is. Students can create a head out of construction paper to depict the person they are writing on the tie about. This would make a terrific Father's Day display!

I copied this template onto white construction paper. I had the children cut the middle out of a paper plate for the head. We started by drawing an "L" in the middle for the nose. I did this as a reference point for where to put the eyes. I told them to draw two long jellybean ovals at the top of the "L" and showed them how to color the middle in with their father's eye color. The students added a black circle in the middle for the pupil. They then added their own style of mouth. I then asked them to think about what color hair their father had (if they have any, LOL) and draw the eyebrows that color. I then had them use the eyes as a reference point for where to draw the hairline (if their father had shorter hair...if they didn't, we discussed how to personalize this part for their father.)

I "interviewed" them to ask them what they'd like to write about how special their dad (or the person who is like a dad to them) is. I wrote it on a Post-It for them and they took it to their desk and near point copied it onto the lines of the tie. They then used a black Sharpie to trace over their words.

Next, they used colored pencils and colored the lines of the tie and the collar of the shirt any color(s) they wanted to. I had them color in the suit coat part with black crayon because it had a larger surface. They then put glue along the back of the shirt collar and on the front of the chin on the face and put the head onto the shirt.

Finally, they glued the entire project to a bright colored paper and wrote, "Happy Father's Day!" on the bottom.

I hung them up for one day on our board so that everyone could enjoy each other's. However, we didn't want any Dads to see them early, so we packed them into the Friday folders and sent them home to be saved as a gift for the big day. I think the sweetest part of this was watching how many of them drew in "those pokey things that stick out of his face"! I did have to rescue one project. The son said his father is tan...which he kind of is, and the father has light brown, almost blondish hair and the boy colored the father's skin dark brown and his hair dark brown. Fortunately, crayon is pretty easy to erase from construction paper, so we did a little rescue with the crayon and it turned out pretty good.

I hope you get a chance to try this project.


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