Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How to Tie Shoes

Teacher, can you tie my shoes?

If this kindergarten teacher could have a dime for every time I hear that question during the day, I might be able to retire early. 

I participated in an amazing program called MERIT (Making Education Relevant in Technology) at the Krauss Center of Innovation and learned an easy way to teach my students how to tie their shoes. What's the magic trick? 

Wait for it.............

Other students!!!

As part of the program, Rushton Hurley, the director of the program at the time runs an amazing website called Next Vista for Learning. It is a library of videos that are free for you to use and share. They are made by and for teachers and students. All of their content is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution which means you can freely share their creations! 

This is a really cute video created by a student from Fairlands Elementary School. It won an honorable mention award in one of the many video contests the website hosts. Click on the picture above to watch it and then check out some of the current contests coming up to see if you'd like to have any of your students create a video to share!

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