Monday, August 3, 2015

Back to School Deals and FREEBIES!

If you haven't heard yet, Teachers Pay Teachers is having a 2 day Back to School sale. Tons of sellers are participating in the sale. Many of the sellers also offer lots of freebies in their store, so this is a terrific place to find tons of great products to use for your upcoming school year. 

If you head over to my store, I am offering 28% off of EVERYTHING in my store. Click on the picture above to check out my store. Remember to use the code BTS15 to receive your full discount. Below are a few of my best sellers and some FREEBIES for you too!

On sale for only $2.40
Sheets that help your student to learn how to work with 1/2 fractions include:
Coloring half a shape according to location (right, left, top, bottom)Identifying shapes that are divided equallyIdentifying shapes that are not divided equallyWord problems with 1/2 fractionsLooking at half a shape and completing the shapeIdentifying how many squares are in half a setThese can be completed as worksheets or laminated and used with colored whiteboard markers.Sheets that help your student to learn how to work with 1/4th fractions include:Coloring 1/4 of a shapeIdentifying shapes that are evenly divided by 1/4ths and ones that are notLearning to divide the same shape two different ways to still get 1/4ths with a circle and a squareIdentifying what area of a shape a 1/4th is located in (upper right, lower left)These can be completed as worksheets or laminated and used with colored whiteboard markers.Common Core Math Standard Geometry 1 G. 33. Partition circles and rectangles into two and four equal shares

On Sale for only $2.80!
52 pages total.
26 pages of initial sounds phonics morning work!
For each letter of the alphabet as it introduced:
Identify capital and lowercase letters.
Identify key words that begin with given initial sounds.
Color key word pictures that begin with initial sounds.
Write capital and lowercase letters.
Trace keywords for fine-motor practice.

26 pages of more morning work!
Each time you introduce a new letter in phonics, you can use one of these pages to reinforce the letter sound with a keyword and picture of that keyword. Students trace the initial sound letter, trace the word, and further develop their fine-motor skills through coloring a picture of the key word. All 26 letters have their own page.

On Sale for only $2.40!
15 pages of school memories to create. The packet begins with the student drawing their self-portrait in August and signing their name. Each month, there is a journal prompt for the student to tell something about the school year and a space for the student to draw it. In December, the student will again draw themselves and sign their name to show growth in both areas. The packet continues through June with the student drawing themselves and signing their page with their name one last time. Topics covered in the packet are:
Favorite things done, new things learned, favorite parties and field trips, things done with friends, favorite part of the school year and more!
This is the perfect packet to include in a year-end portfolio to show parents growth in both penmanship and fine motor drawing skills as well as newly learned attention to details and descriptive writing capabilities. It includes a cover without a colored background for those who want to save on ink or print the cover on their own colored background.


This is a 22 page vocabulary development packet. It includes 5 pages of short vowel words to read, write, and draw. It also includes 5 pages of long vowel words to read, write, and draw. It includes 5 pages of short vowel words in a word bank that are used by the student to write a creative sentence and space is given to draw a depiction of that sentence. 5 more pages are included to do the same with long vowel words. 1 page includes all 50 vocabulary words used in the packet.

16 pages of journal prompts about your children. Each page includes a space for the student to draw about their writing. 

It is my hope that some of the creations I made for my students can help to make your lives easier. I wish all of you a great BACK TO SCHOOL!


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