Saturday, January 30, 2016

100th Day of School Fun Activities

We just celebrated our 100th day of school in kindergarten! We had so many fun things to do, we are going to extend it to an extra day!

One thing, to be honest, I was slightly dreading the start of the day. I envisioned their growing excitement to explode as they busted into the room from our morning Flag Salute out front, so.....I gave them something to ground them a bit.

I put these sheets on the desks with a bunch of Bingo daubers from the Dollar Store. With as much liquid as the daubers hold, I was happily surprised to see that none of it went through the paper! If they finished this paper, they got to go to their first station.

I bought 200 of these Hefty brand easy-grip cups from our local grocery store. I put 100 of them in the front of the room and 100 in the back of the room. Students chose which area to go work in. They worked together to build anyway they wanted to. I didn't find 200 cups in one color, so I purchased a combination of 3 different colors. It was interesting to see them build with patterns or simply by color as well. These cups were very sturdy and the square bottoms seemed to make the cups stay in place really well. Students made sure I placed exactly 100 in place. They first started counting them by 1's and then said their eyes were getting dizzy by counting the stacked cups, so they broke them into groups of 10's. Teacher happiness!

After completing these two activities, the students went to P.E. class. I worked it out with the teacher there and she had them performing all types of actions 100 times. 

When they returned to class, we began the next activity. We made hats. A little fair warning, doing them the way that we did them takes quite some time. 

Students wrote their name on the back of a strip of paper and took them to a station at the desks. They then used their glue sticks to glue ten items onto that strip of paper. Each strip of paper was taken to a new station. Once the strip of paper was completed, they placed it on their assigned carpet square to dry. Some items we glued onto the strips were: sequins, jewels, die-cut stars and hearts, two types of stickers, mini pom-poms, googly eyes, bingo dauber dots, and foam shapes.

It did take quite a bit of time to staple each strip to each child's hat base, so while they went out to their Library time to hear stories written about the 100th day of school, I went around and looped each strip and stapled them in place. When the students returned, I fit their hat to their head. As each student finished, they were encouraged to pick up 100 items that magically fell to the floor while working.

Once they helped pick up the room, they were free to build in the cupstacking area while I finished fitting hats to heads. The paws in this picture are SitSpots.

Here are a few pics of the hats.

As the day ended, another activity we did was to have children bring in 100 items that they'd like to share with others. Some items brought in were: little toys from the party store, glow sticks, yo-yo's, pennies, pencils, erasers, strips of cut paper, crayons, candies, fruit snacks, rocks, stickers, beads, etc. Most of the items brought in were similar to those you'd see fly out of a pinata. I bought gift bags from the Dollar Store and let the students hand out their goodies. They sat at their carpet squares and took turns, 5 at a time, handing out their items. On the board, I showed them 100 dots. Since we have 20 students in my classroom, I circled 5 groups of 20 so they could see how many of each item they would receive. Just as an FYI, there was no requirement on what to bring, so anything went. In this picture, this little one was checking out her goodies.

We had so much fun, we did not have enough time to complete our 100 Fruit Loop necklace, so on Monday, when students come in, they will have a 100 chart and a bowl of Fruit Loops. They will be encouraged to lay 1 Fruit Loop on each square. It is made up of ten rows by ten rows. They will be encouraged to create the necklace using patterns of colors. Once all 100 Fruit Loops are placed on the chart, the students will begin with number 1 and string their Fruit Loops until they get to number 100. I will then help them tie the strings into a necklace!

For those of you who are celebrating the 100th day of school, I hope you have seen some things here that you'd like to incorporate into your fun. If you have something fun planned for your day, I'd love to hear about it here. 


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